About us

Inner Expat is all about the ups and downs of living abroad. Helping resolve the realities of being an expat, migrant, immigrant or nomad away from your native country.

Creating a new life in a new country presents so many opportunities and challenges. It can be an amazing experience, but also can bring homesickness, culture shock or plain loneliness.

Inner Expat aims to share and help solve the issues around the emotional side of living overseas and more, from personal experience and beyond.

Hi, I am Emma and I will be writing about our life abroad as an individual and as a family having lived in the UK, France, Australia, Costa Rica and Spain. It has been a truly enriching experience for us all in so many ways and we have been lucky enough to make friends and adopted family across the globe. But it has also been hard, to be far from family, to start again and again, to say goodbyes again and again. Saying all that, I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, except if I could invent a teleportation machine. That could be pretty useful.

Emma photo with map

Through our posts and story telling, we will be talking all bout the stuff that no-one else really talks about – the realities of expat living, what is really inside living abroad. Not the practical stuff, the removals, the to do lists, the choosing of schools, etc, etc but the nitty gritty under all that – the emotions, the mixed feelings, the reality of what this kind of life can bring AND how to help deal with it. Plus how we can deepen our connection with those around us and ourselves in the process.

We also need to hear from you, so please do get in touch and share your stories too.