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Feeling Peripheral

I don’t think I am alone, but sometimes it feels lonely. Maybe that’s life. We all feel lonely sometimes. But the pandemic has certainly heightened and exacerbated any loneliness or isolation we might have felt beforehand. As Sheryl Paul so eloquently puts it: “There’s a fundamental loneliness that is part of the fabric of being […]

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Findng life purpose path options
New start

Finding Life Purpose. Finding ‘It’, Finding me

As an expat mum over the last 13 ½ years I have been fortunate enough to explore the possibilities of how to use my own time.  I have been a mum of two too, so it has not all been lunches out and sipping cocktails by the pool, but there has been a degree of […]

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Expat, immigrant, migrant, nomad or what?

Should we find an alternative for the term expat? In searching to name my blog, I have found myself challenged by others and myself about using the term ‘expat’.  I have to admit it is not a word that I would use to describe myself, but I can’t think of another term that fits.  On […]

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