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  • Are you feeling stuck in your life right now? Maybe lacking in direction, focus, excitement for life?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, constantly stressed and never really feel lilke you are getting there? That you are busy, but something is missing or not quite right?

I have been there. I know how hard it can be. You think you can find a way out of it, but somehow nothing really changes.

You are absolutely not alone.

empowered you midlife women coaching

This is why I created the Empowered You programme starting October 2023. where I work one on one with supporting and supporting midlife women (no need to be an expat!) Together we reconnect to the real you, to create a vision/life that you get excited about and support you through this journey. I work with women every day to make changes, transform themselves and their lives – without overwhelm, having to change everything or neglecting their families.

Together, over 10 sessions (approximately 12 weeks), we partner to get to the core of what is going on for you and provide personalised support and resources to break free and get to where you would like to be in your life.

If you would like a free, zero-obligation 30 minute chat to talk about whether coaching with me could help – please email me, Emma at –

Emma Lees photo transformational life coach midlife women

Here are some testimonials from my previous clients:

“I 10000000% recommend coaching with Emma Lees – she helped me regroup and is awesome”. Kristin.

“It was when I started sessions with Emma, when I properly became aware of self-awareness and learned to embrace my authentic self. I basically met myself, for the first time.  Limitations have given way and I am moving forward with confidence and following the creative flow, wherever it may lead. Working with Emma was nothing short of refreshing and liberating.” Natasha.

 “I’m happy to say that at the moment, Emma was the best thing that has ever happened to me. A true safe haven existed in her program.  She helped me emotionally get ready for the major step I was about to take as she pulled back layers of anxiety. After the program I am proud to say, I don’t stand on shaky grounds and I am more connected to who I am.  Our success goal for the program was me being able to relocate to a new country, alone. I am here today standing tall and shining my light. Thank you.” Gaone

If you would like to break free from, get in touch for a free, zero-obligation 30 minute chat (it is not a sales call at all!) to see how we could partner together – please email me, Emma, at – before 28 September 2023.

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