The Thrive Tribe

The Thrive Tribe coaching program for human trafficking survivors

The Thrive Tribe is a powerful group coaching and personal development program for human trafficking survivors that’s being led, hosted, and facilitated by me, Emma Lees. This pilot program is in partnership with Liluye (a 501c3/charity in the US), and my business, Inner Coaching You as a pro bono project.

The Thrive Tribe was launched in November 2023 for 10 coachees to receive maximum group and one on one support. This first cohort of survivors are based across the globe in Nigeria, Cameroon, US and Canada and are ready to learn, stretch, grow, and get support outside of their comfort zones. The program includes group coaching/training, one on one mentorship with internationally recognised professionals (all of whom are volunteers) and community support – all done online to ensure maximum accessibility and participation.

The pilot program will be drawing to a close in May 2024 and having a full evaluation of its´ impact.

So far, we have the following testimonials from some of the coachees:

Rose, Cameroon:

“The work we have been doing on our saboteurs (or inner critic)  and developing our self-awareness has taken me to a new level in my life.  I am experiencing some peace within”.

Jefiter, Nigeria:

“I now see I have the power of choice and I choose not to be a victim. Who is in charge? I can see how change is possible. I have now seen my limiting beliefs first hand and have dropped some of them.  I realise that as long as I am willing to learn and  grow, I can make things possible.  I also can accept myself and focus on what is in my control¨.

Brenna, Canada:

“The Thrive Tribe has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. And they are like my second family.”

Chylian, Nigeria: 

“I am a lot more consistent in my self-care.  I have become an observer in my life and have made choices around what I need, instead of making excuses or being in environments that were not supporting me.  I know now that I have what it takes”. 

A full press release is available here.

jill langhus griffin emma lees liluye inner coaching you the thrive tribe
Jill Langhus Griffin, Founder and CEO – Liluye (left)
Emma Lees, Director/Coach of Inner Coaching You and Director of Coaching at Liluye (right)

The overaching program goals include the creation of a safe, supportive, respectful, and adaptive community that empowers the whole of our Thrive Tribe community. Giving each coachee the opportunity to move forward with their lives, reduce the risk of retrafficking and reach their full potential according to who they are.

The Thrive Tribe in more detail:

An Online Personal Development/Coaching Empowerment Program.

A supportive group program that creates a safe space for each coachee to find the best options suited to them in their journey and explore without barriers or limitations as a community and with individual support.

  • To create a safe and respectful space, or growth container, for coachees to be brilliant and imperfect as they learn and grow together.
  • To review their lives right now, get to know themselves and their deepest wishes, look forward, dream big to maximize their potential in a supportive and safe environment.
  • To self acknowledge through vision, values, strengths, and growth opportunities.
  • To identify their self limiting beliefs and inner barriers.
  • To break through their inner barriers and saboteurs into a new, empowered story and way of life.
  • To clarify their life’s vision and create a new, fulfilling plan.
  • To be on a growth path, moving towards their vision, and to identify resources and support they need in this journey
  • A strong and supportive community to learn and grow together during the program and beyond. 
  • A flexible and adaptive space for all to learn and grow with each session, building on previous sessions and allowing the program to evolve naturally wherever possible. 
  • At the end of the program all coachees will have a 1-3 year individualised plan that they are working towards to include support and resources required that they can move towards.

Joanne Ward is one of the many volunteers involved in the program as our evaluator:

joanne ward collective change uk

“It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to use my skills in evaluation and social value measurement to help The Thrive Tribe.  I look forward to working with a team of many talents (and big hearts) to measure and value what matters to those receiving coaching through the programme.” 

Joanne Ward, Impact Consultant –, UK.

It is hoped that for future cohorts to benefit from this program we will be able to seek grant funding, sponsorship or other ways to support the work and ultimately become fully survivor-led.

For more information about the program, whether you would like to financially support us, volunteer or be a future coachee, please email Emma at or for more information on Liluye.

Thank you for your interest and support for this innovative program!